• Lauren Vancil


When something is frustrating you and you feel yourself filling up with those negative feelings, what is your response to it? Do you blow up and let all of those feelings come out in the wrong way? Or do you take a deep breath, rely on God for guidance, and let it go? Oftentimes we don’t choose the second option. We let the anger, anxiety, and the stress overwhelm our bodies and minds to the point of no return. We say things we shouldn’t say, perhaps throw things around, and let our anger level go up to a point we should never let it get to. When was the last time you let these things happen to you? Let me tell you that I just did those exact things this morning. Yep, the day I'm writing this is the same day I let myself fill up with negative feelings and didn’t handle them in the best way.

It was actually about my blog logo. We’ve been trying to design it for about two weeks now, and I just can’t get it to that perfect look I want. I can’t find the right way to explain to my dad the way I want it, and I can’t draw it out either. This is the last thing I have to do before launching everything, so I just want to get it done. I was letting it get to me. I was letting the frustration and stress build up to a level where it shouldn’t be. I was downstairs discussing it with my dad, getting more and more angry. He then began to get frustrated with me, which of course made me more upset. That was my breaking point. I blew up. I let all those negative feelings out in a bad way instead of the Godly way.

I proceeded to yell some not very nice words at my dad, stormed off, threw my stuff in my room, grabbed my keys, and took off in my car. How dramatic is that over something so simple, right? I drove around for about an hour, crying, singing, and praying. I was trying to listen to God, to see what he wanted me to do with this little simple thing. Instead he put this saying in my head, “This is an attack of the enemy.” What is? The fact that I can’t get my blog logo right? The way I just stormed out of the house in a terrible way? Or the way I let the frustration take over my body? Well, maybe a little bit of all of it. The biggest thing I think was an attack though was that I let myself act that way, redirecting my train of thought and discouraging me from giving it 110%. I let the enemy take over my emotions and let him persuade me into lashing out. The situation could have been so different if I would have just controlled my emotions, given my frustrations to God and let Him handle it. Instead, I let myself act out of anger instead and hope, trust, and love. My response was terrible.

This past Sunday my dad shared with me a little bit of the message he had listened to that morning. Pastor Roy, Pastor at Abundant Life Church, focused our attention on something that I think everyone should take into consideration. When you become frustrated, what gets squeezed out of you? Is it from the Lord, or is it from the devil? I can tell you right now that when I became frustrated this morning, it was not anything from the Lord. So what can we do in those moments when we feel like we just can’t get control of our emotions and don’t want the bad things to be squeezed out?

I believe that if I would've just walked away in that moment of frustration and went to God and laid everything down at His feet, that I would have avoided all of that dramatic stuff. God wants us to do that; He doesn’t want us to go through these things alone. He brings that to our attention in 1 Peter 5:7 where He says “Cast all your cares on Me, because I care for you.” Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that if we do cast all our worries and frustrations on Him that it’ll make it so much easier in the long run. But, sometimes it is so hard to do that in the moment. That is when we have to find strength to just take a deep breath, walk away and pray, and leave it all in God's hands.

Don’t let the hate, anger, and negativity be squeezed out of you when you become frustrated. Run to God, cast it all upon Him, and let love and positivity come rushing out of you like a river. You’ve got this, and God’s got this for you. He loves you so much and never wants you to go through anything alone, so don’t! Squeeze out the love today, for He loves you!

Check out this song for some encouragement today!