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Hey there, beautiful!  Yes, you!  You’re beautiful.  My name is Lauren Vancil.  I’m a daughter, a sister, a dog momma, a dancer, a lover of Starbucks and all things Disney. I live in Godfrey Illinois just moments away from the Great River Road that rides right next to the mighty Mississippi River.  I dance competitively, work for a local gym and teach dance at my dance studio and I’m excited to share my life and do life with you.  Are you ready?  Here we go.


I’ve been through some pretty hard stuff. I lost my mom to cancer at just 10 years old.  Let me tell you, that sucked! And to put that on top of the loss of my grandmother when I was 9 and my paw-paw who passed away just 8 days before my mom...let’s just say I understand the pain of loss. Because I had a first row seat to my mom dealing with cancer for 7 years I’ve dealt with anxiety, fear, depression and tried many things to attempt to fill those holes. But let me tell, nothing except God's love, peace, and promises has guided me through those dark times!


My blogs will give you a deeper look into my life stories and show you how I dealt with many difficult things in life. Take a moment to read one that you can relate to and hopefully it will be an encouragement and reminder that you're not the only one in this. I want to hear your testimonies and how you've gotten through them too, because what better way to heal than to talk to a loving friend! My hope is to be open, be vulnerable and be honest with you. I want to hear from you and  tell you how I dealt with it all so you know that GIRL, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

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Thanks for joining me!

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